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What I Offer

Coaching will be offered through Skype and video chat. You’ll receive your unique monthly blueprint on how to maximize your potential in both your personal and professional life.

A bit about what you’ll learn

  • Fitness and nutrition customized to your
    personal blueprint
  • Understand your womanly code
  • Regain your healthy cycle
  • My personal tips, tricks and best practices
  • How to get your hormones back on track
  • Reducing risk of / healing autoimmune issues
  • Achieve your ideal work / life balance
  • How to manage your most troublesome symptoms using nutritional compounds and supplements
  • What to do if you have certain reproductive conditions such as Amenorrhea and PCOS
  • How to handle your PMS
  • Stress management
  • Gut and liver cleansing
  • Revitalize your sexuality and femininity

Latest Posts

Femininity versus Feminism

I have to say… and maybe I’m the only one… but I’ve been confused recently. On one hand, I feel that women in 2017 still need to work for equality but yet, I feel like you can’t do that while wearing a cute skirt and a bright red lipstick… Is it just I?   So […]

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