6 Tips To Rock The Holidays

1.       Start your mornings with an immune boost

Waking up to a fresh glass of room temperature water that is filtered and fluoride free. Squeezing in half of a lime or lemon with a 1/3 tsp. of sea salt, helps nourish your adrenal glands. You might think of stress when you hear about adrenals but that’s not their only function. They also control our sleep wake cycle, regulate your appetite, convert your proteins, fats and carbs into energy. Aid in balancing blood sugar levels, help with your sex hormones productions like DHEA which helps with your energy, moods and sex drive. So, if you’re adrenals are malnourished, you’ll have a hard time managing your daily activities. Not to mention, it helps with bowel movements so it’s a great way to start your day by feeling lighter!

2.       Fuel your brain

“The first thing you put in your mouth in the morning… providing it is food, dictates all neurotransmitter production for the whole day”, from Strength Sensei who has elite athletes in over 17 different sports including athletes from summer and winter Olympics, the NHL, and NFL. His last gold medalist in Rio Olympics was the U.S  Women’s wrestler Helen Maroulis.  His method is to rotate meat and nuts for breakfast and it is called breakfast for champions. It helps raise the two important neurotransmitters focus and drive. Also, the reason to rotate daily is to not create food intolerances from eating the same thing every day, which increases cortisol levels. The meat allows a slow and steady rise in blood sugar. The healthy fats help keep the blood sugar steady for an extended period. Which is extremely important for adults and children.

3.       Burn your food off

Holidays are a wonderful time for enjoyment, spending time with your loved ones and eating all delicious insulin spiking meals and drinking delicious toxic drinks. Training your body to burn fuel off, by hitting a nice weight lifting, HIIT or Tabata session will keep you from feeling guilty and will help burn off the extra goodness you’ll be enjoying. Not leaving you with the extra “5-10 lbs” of holiday gain. Adding in some milk thistle or ganoderma mushroom can help your liver do its job without adding all the extra stress from the holidays. Keeping you in a positive mindset for the years end and beginning of an incredible year start.

4.       Be mindful of how your body reacts to certain foods

Having food intolerances increase cortisol levels and inflammation. Some of the symptoms are: headaches, stuffy nose, feeling tired, achy joints, breakouts, rashes or even stomach problems which can show up three days later. Let your friends and family know about your intolerances, they care about you and will work with you or you can create a dish that will be enjoyable for all. It doesn’t have to be headaches, pains and tummy aches. Taking a digestive enzyme during a meal helps increase stomach acid.  Most common food intolerances  are: dairy, egg, wheat, soy, corn and nuts. You can find easy delicious substitutes.  Enjoy your holiday stress and guilt free.

5.      Being grateful

Holidays can be stressful. From spending hours on shopping, buying things from flashy expensive gifts to planning parties. We tend to forget how truly blessed we are and forget to appreciate the small things. Take granted for having a warm safe place this winter. Sharing the holidays with loved ones and friends. Taking our health for granted. Laughing at old family photos. Enjoying delicious meals and gifts with people who are important in our lives. Being able to see and truly make our lives full of quality and health. Helping others that are in need in any kind heartful way. Taking some time out to donate what you have sitting in your closet that you’ve barely touched.

6.       Planning rest

As I mentioned earlier holidays are a busy time of the year. Parties, family and work functions, late nights plus all the alcohol can leave you feeling exhausted with poor sleep which can lead you to burn out. Not having restorative sleep, leaves you with increased Ghrelin levels which means carbohydrate rich food cravings, lower Leptin levels, the hormone that aids in hunger which will keep you feeling hungry even after eating, decrease insulin sensitivity so your body will store your food as fat, and higher cortisol levels to name a few. Getting in quality sleep is essential.

So, planning to go to bed 30 min early on the nights before parties and during holidays and making it a priority after missing a night by sleeping 30 min to an hour early minimum to makeup for loss sleep will help get you back on track. There is a thing called sleep debt. Creating healthy sleeping habits will help you feel fabulous holidays or no holidays.

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