It all started in my early 20’s when I was prescribed birth control to help regulate my periods. I tried a few different brands to find one that would work for me. Being on it for about a year I noticed having symptoms like migraines throughout the day, poor circulation in hands and feet, longer duration of cramps (like we need more of that), unusual spotting, horrific PMS, irregular periods, on top of that just to make it more fun I started getting anxiety attacks, feeling depressed, and anger issues. I had built severe digestive problems. Having stomach issues constantly was stressful. All this chaos directed me to my personal healing path and I got interested in learning about how hormones affect your body and walked into a health journey not knowing it will become my passion.

I started working out with a personal trainer and this was the beginning of my love for training. I was a dedicated client and was curious to learn more each time I saw him. I had no idea how to eat healthy. A few months in, I get an injured knee and an achy wrist, which affected me in my daily activities. I decided to find a strength coach while strengthening my injuries and made a goal of competing in a fitness competition. My training had completely changed. To get me into the best condition I incorporated Ramp Training with the combination of Bio Signature.

I placed Top 10 in The WBFF World Championships and I felt pretty amazing. It was one of the most mentally challenging experiences I’ve had gone through with extreme contest prep and training. I had never felt stronger, which motivated me to be better day by day and it took me on the path to learning more. So I took my first course which blew me away where we learned about hormonal imbalances, stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function, and much more. This was just the beginning of my thirst for learning. So I became a personal trainer and applied my knowledge and experience with my clients and enjoyed seeing their results. Learning from my personal experiences I made sure my clients were taught well.

I’m still on birth control at this time about 3 years in since it all started. I continue to feel achy joints l and ended up with tears in my wrists by dislocating them while working out. Not understanding why my tendons were so fragile. They seemed like they would never heal and my stomach issues got worse which lead to IBS, leaky guy and MAJOR food intolerances. Not connecting the dots to birth control. It felt like I was starting to get arthritis at age 24! I saw many specialists for rehab which seemed like a temporary fix. During this time, I continued taking courses, attended conferences and kept learning. Understanding I enjoyed working with females, being able to connect with them more.

As my personal health issues were rising I had to assess what was going on. I eventually stopped getting my period at that time. I was like at that time wonderful who needs to worry about that and I didn’t do much to fix that. Even when I would see my doctor I was told this happens and most girls don’t seem to mind anyways. Being on it for 6 years I decide its time to get off and I spent a year in an elimination diet phase with lots of self healing it so I can regain my period back and heal my food intolerances. I had given up on eating out at restaurants it had gotten too complicated and then later that year I came across Nicole Jardim’s “The Period Fixer” Apprenticeship Group Program where I learned about how to help heal myself holistically and help other woman with hormone imbalances like PCOS, PMS and Amenorrhea just to name a few. She’s opened my door into becoming a woman’s health coach where I attended a NCCHWC taught by Dr. Jessica Drummond MPT, CCN, CHC, the Founder and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute.

My mission is to help women across the world take charge of their bodies with a holistic approach where they can learn to love and nourish their souls, live their lives the way they’ve imagined, take charge of their fertility and become the happiest and strongest versions of themselves.

Training and Certifications:

  • Certified Women’s Health Coach
  • BioSignature 1 and 2
  • P.I.M.S.T Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques
  • DTS Level 1
  • Trigenics for Trainers Upper and Lower Body
  • BioPrint Level 2
  • Fix Your Period Apprenticeship
  • The Integrative Women’s Health Institute