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Back To School, Back To Reality

Back to school, back to reality!

It’s September and that means new beginnings for many of us! It could be that you are going back to school or that summer vacation just ended.

It can actually also mean that you’ll have to manage a certain amount of stress that is much higher than when all you had to think about is whether you’ve been spending as much time on your stomach as you did on your back as you were tanning!

In the face of anxiety and possibly even fear, I invite you to sit back, chill out and hear me out! Here are the top 3 tricks to make September a month to remember!

1) Plan your work

It used to be that we actually had to write down when we would do what. With the advent of modern technology, I, myself, don’t actually feel as organized as I could be. I’ll make a point to mark down appointments in my smart phone… but do I write down when I will study or when I will prepare lunches for the next day… not so much. I’ve found that what works best for me is to actually get a good old paper agenda and literally write down all of my activities that lead to productive and fulfilling days.

Writing versus typing activates your brain in a way that you are bound to remember more so what is important for you. You will then most likely have a better chance of sticking to your plan.

2) Work your plan

I find that most that don’t accomplish what they set out for themselves get distracted too easily. Essentially, leisure activities such as shopping or watching a movie replace productive ones that you feel need to be accomplished. The best way to avoid this and to work your plan is to actually schedule off time! You read me well… you need to schedule when you are not ON!

Scheduling off time is the most sure fire way you will be able to work your plan of productivity since your subconscious will know that, as you are hard at work, there is a break/reward waiting for you.

3) Have a vision

Whether it is about planning on or off time, it is a lot more enjoyable to go thru the paces if you have an objective in mind.

I find objectives are the things that keep you going everyday. They are the short-term goals. Starting your day by writing down 3 things you want to accomplish will make you accountable towards yourself. And, if you feel like that’s not enough, share those 3 daily goals with a friend and have her do the same. Chances are that both of you will be on your way to new heights in no time!

If short-term goals are a necessity, they only make sense if you have a long-term vision. Without one, it actually makes no sense to write down daily goals… unless they are about eating and sleeping!

If you want to own September and show it what you are made of, these 3 tips are bound to make you a Fall superstar!

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