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Femininity versus Feminism

I have to say… and maybe I’m the only one… but I’ve been confused recently. On one hand, I feel that women in 2017 still need to work for equality but yet, I feel like you can’t do that while wearing a cute skirt and a bright red lipstick… Is it just I?


So what is it about equality? Where does it truly matter? I believe men and women should be treated equally. I know they are typically not being paid the same for specific jobs. But that being said, it is well known that women supermodels’ income is far superior to their male counterparts. Is that fair? Is it even realistic to ask for fairness?


While in some areas, I would like things to change so that we move forward, in others I have to say I would like things to be the way they were. For example, there was a time where men would gladly open the door for you. They would be courteous and gallant. I am not saying that you don’t find men that treat women right nowadays but you figure, as we ask to be equal… does that mean we get to open the door… for ourselves?


This whole concept of equal… I am not too sure I am completely comfortable with it. I want respect. I think all women deserve respect. But is it that if we are not equal, there is a lack of respect?


What about if we could just say we are different? Different is neither bad nor good. It’s just different.


So I guess what I am claiming is the right to be different, for both men and women. Recently, Emma Watson launched her campaign, He for She, where she is asking for men to stand up for women.


He for she is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN women. Its goal is to engage men and boys as agents of change by encouraging them to take action against negative inequalities faced by women and girls.


This, for me, is the real issue. There are places in the world right now where women aren’t even concerned with the color of the lipstick they will wear because their fundamental rights are not even respected. It’s possible that we tend to forget about these issues as we live in America. It might not be perfect here and maybe we aren’t always considered as equals, but a series of meaningful victories over the years has created a context where we can be all that we can be.


So for Women’s day, 2017, I was thinking of starting a movement of my own. How about She for He? I know you think this is crazy, but think about it… How about if everyone simply looks out for everyone else? So women look out for men and men look out for women. Together, we could look out for kids and the elderly. So it’s He for She, She for He, and I for Everyone.


Maybe I am an idealist and maybe I want it all. But truth is, I want it all for all of us. So while I will wish you the most awesome Women’s day ever, I am wishing all of us to watch out for… all of us!

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