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Just How Powerful Are you?


It’s an aggressive question, you are right! Yet, if the answer does not come to you automatically, it could be that this blog post is just for you!

Harvard researcher and social psychologist Amy Kuddy has studied confidence and what we can do to increase it! The result of her studies is nothing short but surprising!


We all know that the mind and the body are one. Amy wanted to see just how significant the impact of the body could be on the mind. Amy analyzed how nonverbal expressions of power (i.e., expansive, open, space-occupying postures) affects people’s feelings, behaviors, and hormone levels.


All and all, she and her colleagues found out that power posing increased testosterone levels. Testosterone is a very important hormone for men… it’s also important for us ladies! In fact, it is very relevant when it comes to building muscles. It also contributes to our well-being and sex drive.


Cuddy also was able to show that power posing was able to decrease cortisol production. Cortisol is the hormone our body produces when we are stressed. Cortisol is also a fat storing hormone. Too much of it just isn’t good for us, as you can imagine!


An interesting effect of power posing was an increased appetite for risk. This comes to no surprise when you consider that risk taking is associated with higher levels of testosterone. The only way to gain is to play the game!


And, just in case you were looking for a job, Cuddy also demonstrated that power posing caused better performance in job interviews! So, before your next interview, make sure you get there 15 minutes early.  Go to the washroom… stand proud and raise your arms in the air! Stay in that position for 2 minutes and, according to Cuddy’s research, the trick is done! You will walk into your interview with more confidence and you won’t have to try to convince yourself! Now that’s confidence!


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