Modern Day Wellness Warrior Program



This program is created for each wellness warrior that is passionate about creating a life you truly desire without damaging your own health along the way.


Learn how to use anti- inflammatory foods and supplements to address athletic injuries.


Learn how to align nutrition and training with the menstrual cycle for performance and screen for the dangerous symptoms of RED-S ( Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)!


Overtraining and undernourishment is just not a problem for elite athletes. Adult women are also at risk for RED-S when they add intense exercise to a busy life.


Women who suffer from long-term low Energy Availability may develop nutrient deficiencies (including anaemia), chronic fatigue and increased risk of infections and illnesses, all of which have the potential to harm health and performance.



Don’t let your health symptoms stop you from achieving your goals and living your life on your terms.


I’m excited to announce an 8 week online program for The Modern Day Wellness Warrior to help prevent the risk of burnout and minimize risk of injury while creating a fulfilled life.


Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply someone committed to physical fitness, I want to give you the tools to be physically active throughout YOUR LIFESPAN with proper nutrition and safe, healthy pain management.


This program is created for each Wellness Warrior that is passionate about creating and living a life you truly desire WITHOUT damaging your own health along the way.


If you’re already feeling the symptoms of burn out, have aches & pains or are experiencing any type of digestive, mental or skin related problems, there’s no need to stress! You have the spark within you.


Along your journey, you may have experienced health challenges or you’re experiencing them now, that are stopping you from your ultimate potential.


Overtraining and undernourishment is just not a problem for elite athletes. Adult women are also at risk for RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) when they add intense exercise to a busy life.


Previously known as the female athlete triad. It is not a triad of three entities of energy availability, menstrual function and bone health, but rather a syndrome resulting from relative energy deficiency that affects many aspects of physiological function including metabolic rate, menstrual function, bone health, immunity, protein synthesis, cardiovascular and psychological health.


This program is created so you can understand the root cause to your health while feeling supported.


Learn how to OWN your mornings for success.


Understand your patterns that are SABOTAGING your health and success.


Learn how to use  anti- inflammatory foods and supplements to address athletic injuries.


Why NSAIDs are risky for use in female athletes and learn safe options for pain relief.


How to align nutrition and training with the menstrual cycle for performance.


How to screen for the DANGEROUS symptoms of RED-S!


Optimizing your gut health with BONUSES:


  • How to assess your current digestion
  • Learn how to balance your blood sugars
  • Screening for food intolerances
  • What foods to avoid to heal from aches and injuries that may be keeping you from recovering fully
How to support your healing with my CASHMERE BLANKET protocol!


It includes 8 LIVE  online sessions including the topics I chose carefully below.
That have been implemented to transform many lives starting from taking charge of my personal health.
You’ll receive a play book right before the course begins with additional downloads and charts for success and access to my private membership program. You will receive 24/7 access via desktop or mobile in the private membership.


We dive deep into topics through:


  • LIVE Group Mentoring and Coaching
  • One-on-one Accountability Coaching
  • Weekly accountability challenges
  • Exclusive Private FB Group Discussions
  • Meditations
And much, much more…



Week 1: Creating a life & living at your optimal with creating successful morning routines to win your day, vision, core values and owning your mind.
Week 2: Dangerous symptoms of RED-S & how to screen for RED-S
Week 3: Understanding the role of stress, burnout and injuries & how to prevent and heal from them.
Week 4: Nutrition for performance through lifespan.
Week 5: Creating optimal gut health while screening your current digestion and most common foods that trigger inflammation.
Week 6: The secret tool for success and performance.
Week 7: Cashmere blanket therapy.
Week 8: Herbal medicine for healing injuries.
Bonus: Therapeutic options for concussions and prevention management.
Bonus: Download of normal vs optimal hormone lab ranges for Adrenals






Please email my support team at
and we will be sure to get all of your questions answered.

3 reviews for Modern Day Wellness Warrior Program

  1. admin

    “With the start of this year, I was looking for a change in my lifestyle and an improvement to my health and well being. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens and since then I’ve battled various health conditions including asthma, irregular periods and constant weight gain. It has been a struggle trying to lose weight and staying motivated to be active as a result of this.
    Meeting Fatima and following her guided coaching sessions have been an eye opener to a healthier lifestyle. Understanding my body and providing it with the right food, nutrients and self care practices have helped me feel a glow from the inside out. It has made me more cautious about the types of food and nutrients I provide my body and the environment around me that affects my health. I find myself these days more energetic to hit the gym and shed those extra pounds that I have gained over the years. I feel more radiant and motivated to push my limits in order to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. Physical activities that used to be a struggle as a result of my health constraints now seem to be a simple challenge on my road to recovery as a female athlete.
    Awareness makes a big difference in trying to set oneself on the right path to better health of mind and body! ”


  2. admin

    Before Fatima and I began working together I knew I had the ability to become the person I wanted to be but didn’t know how to get to that next level. With your wellness coaching I was able to understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me, and what I can do right now to make that real. I have renewed motivation to take action toward these goals and dreams.

    What changed my life was to make a commitment to take specific action, a commitment to myself and everyone in it, and to communicate back to you on the progress. I see it as this thorough and practical approach and the power of the coaching partnership that is making it possible. I can tell Fatima cares about my goals and that makes me care more.

    Fatima’s coaching has created a snowball effect and because of our efforts together I am taking detailed action and can see the positive changes not only to inspire myself but to inspire others as well. This has created more enthusiasm to forge ahead. My dreams are manifesting and that is exciting!


  3. admin

    Fatima is someone who truly practices what she preaches in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. Her evolution continues to inspire, and pleasantly surprise me.

    Her knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, and optimal hormone regulation for women is based on cutting edge research. I enjoy how eager she is not only update her skill sets, but also share this information with others.
    As a personal trainer, she emphasized the importance of correct form, which helped me to avoid injury and maximize my gains from workouts.

    As an entrepreneur, I have seen Fatima steadily grow her client base with Ananda Body and Mind into a thriving business, with clients in several countries. Her message of self love and tapping into our own inner strength resonates with what it means to find healing in the 21st century.


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